About Our School

Welcome to Vero Beach Elementary School

A Moonshot School

Who We Are

At Vero Beach Elementary, we empower our Tribe, within our campus and the community, to SLIDE into innovation. Through collective problem solving and engagement, we will achieve excellence in Science, Literacy, Inquiry, Design, and Engineering. We pride ourselves on being a Project Based Learning School and our vision is to inspire authentic learning through engagement and innovation. When students graduate Vero Beach Elementary, we want each of them to have developed authentic problem-solving and inquiry skills which are essential as students grow into life-long learners.

What We Offer

  • Project- Based Learning
  • Kindergarten Aeroponics
  • Horticulture Club
  • Audubon Advocates Program
  • Extended Day Tutoring
  • Moonshot Tutoring
  • Moonshot Storytime
  • Pride of the Tribe

Points of Pride

  • PBIS Gold Model School
  • 5th Grade Band Program
  • High Impact Grant Recipient "Primary Literacy Library" 


If you are interested in joining our school family, please visit SDIRC Student Enrollment for details about enrollment and school choice.